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A Journey of Growing Leads for Real Estate Shantai Group

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Project Overview

Shantai Classic is a project of 2BHK Luxurious Homes and Commercial  Office Spaces of 48 Units of 2BHK flats and 12 Office Spaces . 

Shantai Group has continually pioneered newer projects and has an  impressive development portfolio, making it one of the leading &  renowned real estate developers in PCMC. It is well-reputed for  construction quality and timely delivery of its projects.

Campaign Objective​

  • The clear objective was to drive potential leads to construction site  visits and the sale of flats and commercial office spaces.  
  • Minimize bounce rate and Zero fake leads 
  • Minimise channel partner dependence and increase direct sales for  cost-saving 
  • They also wished to improve the CPA of the account and keep it  around ₹ 160.


To generate more conversions at a lower cost per lead, Increase construction site visits and reduce bounce rate the following changes were implemented by Jackfruit Digital.

  • The team did A/B with different Post and text metadata. To find the best suitable ad campaign.
  • Optimization of form data gathering to reduce unnecessary data capture from the leads to optimize CPA.
  • The correct use of bidding strategies like “Maximize Conversions” in the campaigns was done, once  there was enough historical data to achieve the marketing goals. 
  • Optimization of campaigns at different levels like locations, demographics, scheduling ads on active  hours and day, ad copies, devices, and audiences on a weekly/monthly basis played an Important role in  generating maximum results and lower CPA. 
  • Better tracking setup helped the team to look at things at a more micro level and make data-driven  decisions to further enhance the performance of the campaigns by driving the goals and events.

Key challenges

The key challenges faced were as follows:

  • Reduce Cost Per on-Facebook Leads
  • Reduce Bounce Rate by using a matrix of customer intent and demographics
  • Increase Construction Site Visits

Due to setup anomalies in the Ads account, it was difficult to get relevant leads/form fill-ups through the Facebook Ads:

  • Display Images and Videos are the most important aspect of Facebook lead generation ads. The image has to be attractive and descriptive with a clear message to deliver.
  • Attractive and simple Headlines and post descriptions to attract read. 
  • The location for the advertisement region was to be constrained as there were fewer construction site visits.

Final Results

  • Due to the implementation of the solutions mentioned above in the account, a noteworthy change in the results was observed
  • Below are the changes that had been noticed (Last 3 months data vs Initial 1 months data)

Marketing Strategy

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Talent Accuisition

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Market Consultation

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