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Business Consultancy

Business Consultancy in Pune

About Business Consultancy

Jackfruit Digital is one of the best Business Consulting Agencies in Pune, provides firms with one of the best business consulting services in order to identify, define, develop, and put into practice strategies that drive businesses toward success. Due to their extensive expertise in the field, our experts consistently consider the long-term strategy. Our skillful professionals make sure to understand your company’s aspirations, objectives, IT ecosystem, and policies in order to provide the right and correct plans for your business. The rapid rate of technological advancement has an immediate effect on how businesses are run in all sectors of the economy. Businesses’ ability to maintain dominating positions is greatly influenced by their ability to make the most use of the most recent benefits provided by technology breakthroughs. Customers won’t even consider switching to the former if the business owners do not optimise their operations in unison with the most recent technology.


This is the initial phase of the consulting process, in which the consultant works with the client to understand the current state of the business and identify areas for improvement. The consultant will gather information about the business, including its operations, products or services, financial performance, and market positioning.


the consultant will analyze the information gathered during the discovery phase to identify problems and opportunities within the business. This may include conducting market research, analyzing financial data, and performing other types of analysis to understand the root causes of any issues.

Recommendations and implementation

Based on the findings of the analysis phase, the consultant will develop recommendations for improving the business. This may include changes to operations, marketing strategies, or other areas of the business. The consultant will work with the client to develop an implementation plan and may provide ongoing support to ensure the recommendations are effectively implemented.

Digital and Analytics Services

With the use of cutting-edge technology and changing consumer demands, Jackfruit Digital offers a full range of products and services that assist e-commerce and retail businesses in maintaining growth. With the support of our digital and analytics services, we plan and develop the elementary channel components of a company’s digital technology, accelerating their transformational process and assisting them in becoming the leaders of the next generation of e-commerce and retail players.

Use of Technology

 Jackfruit Digital provides technologies such as cloud-based SaaS (software as a service), process-centric services like mobile and high-end visualisations, together with remote infrastructure handling and customer computing assistance, for the efficient and productive operation of business processes.

Efficient Application Based Services

We promise to offer an incomparable range of application and development services to help e-commerce and retail businesses transition smoothly to a digitally led business model. Engineers with extensive experience and exceptional skill in empowering digital transformation deliver our services. Our solutions cover every aspect of your digital transformation journey, from marketing to consumer interaction to business process, efficiency, and personalization.

Infrastructure Services

The difference between IT today and IT just several years back is enormous. Because of all the digitalization, clients are now well-informed and have high standards for an organisation’s IT department. The infrastructure services offered by Jackfruit Digital assist retail establishments in becoming more secure, dependable, customer-focused, and efficient.

Business Process Services

Traditional company models are outdated in the modern world. They merely restrict a company’s capacity to respond to external changes.  Jackfruit Digital’s  business process service will be helpful for surviving in the speedy technological world and providing superior performance. Our outstanding business process services support real-time decision making and help clients achieve operational excellence and exceptional SLAs. We provide our clients with best-in-class end-user experiences while assisting them in risk management and business outcome prediction. 


Data Driven Strategy

Real-Time Reporting​​

Automate an even better customer experience

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