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Landing Pages Service

Landing Page Service

What is a Landing Page & Why is it Important?

A landing page is any web page that a consumer can land on, but in the marketing realm, it’s usually a standalone page, distinct from your homepage or any other page, that serves a single and focused purpose. A landing page is a follow-up to any promises that you’ve made in your content. Essentially, it’s the next step toward a visitor becoming a customer. Your landing page lets you make a trade, some sort of special offer, piece of information, or a deal, in return for providing contact information.

Landing pages convert more traffic because they are focused on one goal or call to action by providing information about a specific offer or item. It has limited navigation, and the simplicity keeps a visitor focused on the goal rather than being distracted by multiple links taking them away from the page.

There are instances where a landing page is the most effective choice to drive sales or capture leads. It might be when you use PPC advertising, a lead magnet, focus attention, to attract different types of customers, or for easier testing.

Landing pages we offer

HubSpot Page

A landing page is a standalone web page usually created by Sales or Marketing to gain attention for a product or event. The page is usually linked to in email campaigns or in social media content, and often contains a call-to-action or a form to convert visitors into leads.

Click Funnel Page

Similar to a purchase funnel, the process site visitors go through to decide whether or not they want to become a customer, a click funnel is a series of pages that direct the user to the page that serves as the end goal. Weight loss programs are a great example of a click funnel.

Marketo Page

Landing Pages are Marketo-hosted pages that allow you to display content and track visitors. Using Marketo landing pages puts the power of page creation in marketers’ hands. With pre-built templates, it’s super-easy to edit text, pop in an image, and add a form without code. 

Lead Page

Lead pages helps small businesses connect with an audience, collect leads, and close sales. Easily build websites, landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars, and beyond.

SalesForce Page

A landing page is a web page that you can view from a browser, or link to in other websites and emails. Create the Content Page that contains your landing page.

Insta Page

An Instagram landing page is a standalone web page that uses persuasive elements like testimonials, benefit-oriented copy, and videos to convince its visitors to convert on an offer. 

Different Landing Pages prices

Landing Page based on the technologies available in market

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